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Pink Elephant is a Romanian music production label formed by producers KaRo and Radu Baisan. During the years the team has produced songs in the genre of pop, hip-hop, dance, house, deep house, edm, reggae and rnb for artists like Arash, Zack Knight, Irene, Otilia, Mari Ferrari, Sonny Flame, Edward Maya, Serena,  Anca Pop, Lavinia, Xonia, F.Charm, Dj Ackym, Oana Radu, Like Chocolate, Keo, Alessia, Andrei Leonte, Andreea Banica, Andreea Balan, Doddy, Bibi, Delia Rus,  Ligia and Matteo. It all started in 2004 when the two founding members worked on a song together. Realizing that they had a lot in common the two decided to work together on several other projects. In 2010 they worked with record label Red Clover producing songs like Sale el Sol, Loca Pasion, Vin and Like a Breeze for artist Sonny Flame. Beginning with 2011 KaRo and Radu started a collaboration with artist and producer Edward Maya who was then enjoying great international success with his song Stereo Love. For Edward Maya the duo produced several official remixes that had international success. Since 2013 a new collaboration started with Lanoy records resulting in productions for artists like: F.charm, Lavinia, Rolla Sparks, Oana Radu, Matteo, Ligia, Like Chocolate, Muneca, Keo si Andreea Bălan. These productions were released by Cat Music, Roton, Global Records and also Media Pro/Universal.

In 2016 KaRo and Radu launched their own production label named Pink Elephant and their first artist signed was Irene, then Serena, ABBY and Robert Cristian joined the team.  After that, the record label released new songs with Moonlight, UNKLFNKL, Super Monkeys, Danny Shark, BIBI, Oxiko, Aris 

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